Frequently Asked Questions

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Unique type of 316L stainless steel with microscopic “porous” using new technology to produce steel metal texture that is capable to absorb liquid specially for the perfume industry.

The industrial technology to develop this Fragrance Metal is based on “baking powder” of stainless steel,

as in pottery ceramics porous material, in which we control the gap between the particles of the metal and thus – creating this specific texture. We have achieved light-weight steel material that doesn’t crack or break.

A new technology of producing the Stainless- steel metal 316L to enable fluid to penetrate the metal and its fragrance to be released slowly and spread the aroma over time.

Our grade is 316L to make sure you get no allergic reactions. It is nickel free, lead free and cadmium free.

Our patented fragrance metal is widely known as hypoallergenic metal.

It will not cause skin rashes. Safe to all types of skin.

Miamor’s fragrance metal is a particularly durable material that does not tarnish or rust. With especially suitable process, we also ensure that the stainless steel with gold coating is also water resistant and it doesn’t require a lot of care. 

Our jewelries are not only water resistant, but thanks to its properties it is also so robust that it does not scratch easily.

It has a long lasting fragrance that lasts for 5 days.

1. SPRITZ & GO - spray your favorite fragrance on our high quality stainless steel jewelry.

2. Enjoy an intense jewelry scent for up to five days.

3. To change fragrances, simply dip your jewelry in hot water for a few seconds (take a shower or go for a swim) and wait until fully dry. You are now free to spritz on your next scent!