MIAMOR jewelry is a combination of SCENT + STONE. With our high quality and patented fragrance metal, the stone is no longer “just a jewelry” anymore because it now carries your favorite scent that lasts for 5 days; a duration that exceeds the length of time that perfume remains on someone’s skin or clothing.

We have developed in Japan a PATENTED FRAGRANCE METAL unique type of 316L stainless steel with microscopic “porous” using new technology to produce steel metal texture that is capable to absorb liquid specially for the perfume industry.

We cannot deny that we are all into wearing jewelries especially when we lay our eyes on that small piece that makes us feel like we are a person of means. Given that it increases our self-confidence, why not increase the emotional connection through the power of fragrance as well. Having this unique Miamor jewelry carry your scent, it is a state of the art that involves 4 of the human senses who wear it and the person who sees it: watch, touch, smell and.... hear (get ready to be complimented). Get ready to transport to memories, conjure love and adorn yourself, look elegant and smell good at the same time. This is resistant to water, plating in 14K gold and proven hypoallergenic.